Strong & Herd.

Bespoke Business Support Solutions

Business support services aimed at all levels of businesses.

Strong & Herd LLP (S&H) is a Manchester based business, founded as a partnership in 1995, now operating as a LLP. S&H have built a strong reputation in the UK and EU since their inception in 1995 based on skilled knowledge and practical experience. As well as running practical training courses covering key areas for customs and international trade compliance, we operate an import/export shipping department and have developed strategic partnerships with many organisations and businesses.

We are able to provide a number of consultancy and business support services aimed at all levels of businesses from the SME to the multinational. The services are also graded to give our clients the widest possible options of tapping in to our professional team of advisors. We are also able to offer education and training options if required. S&H  is covered by professional indemnity insurance, we are members of the Outsourcing Institute, we have specialists who are MoD security cleared (please state if you require this) and the company will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking the contract if requested.

The Business Support Options include:
OneCall Helpline
Bespoke Business Support Solutions
Shipping Office Services
S&H Consultancy

The S&H LLP working partnerships operate under classic quality benchmarks:

10 Pillars of Quality Control

  1. Clarify “ownership” issues
  2. Clear objectives and milestones (understanding the requirement)
  3. Ensure adequate input of resource
  4. Clear allocation of responsibility
  5. Measure to improve (KPI/ 6sigma)
  6. Achieve zero-defects
  7. Have agreed auditing (internal/external)
  8. Ensure fair accreditation and certification procedure
  9. Win the war against “cosy familiarity”
  10. Remember the key rule “is it helping businesses on a day to day basis”

Quality Controls the Project

  • Dedicated key account manager will be appointed
  • Clearly identify “owners” over all aims
  • Allocate training responsibilities if required (training management under subcontract)
  • Construct consultancy packages in conjunction with management requirements. Packages will be subject to regular review, legislative changes will be incorporated into courses without delay
  • Clear information at the beginning of the process will ensure targets are achieved with agreement on how measurement of their progress will take place
  • Reports and reviews will be regular and consistent