Brexit and Beyond (VL-BRE) – Virtual Learning (10/06/21 10:00)

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This Virtual Learning course will enable you to identify the ways in which Brexit is changing business procedures and markets, adapt to the new legal and commercial requirements, deal with the threats and seize the opportunities.

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This course, which is delivered over the Internet to your place of work, gives businesses a chance to look ahead and review current international trade activities after the UK leaves the European Union. We review the key changes in customs and export compliance and explain how they practically affect your business operations. S&H are able to make a difficult area practical due to our involvement, via a number of trade associations, with government departments within Westminster. You will take a step-by-step guide to assess your business and implement the essential changes. The course also looks at the changing global environment and helps you to identify new opportunities.
To enjoy the full benefits of this remotely delivered session, please ensure that you have an Internet enabled computer and telephone (for login purposes).

Now includes a 3-hour e-learning awareness session to explain Customs Declaration processes and procedures.

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