CDS Imports – The Customs Declaration Service (VL-CDSIMP) – Virtual Learning (20/05/21 10:00)

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HMRC is replacing the current CHIEF system with the new computer system – The Customs Declaration Service. This is a major change to the way in which export and import customs declarations are made and CDS will demand additional information from traders.

This half-day IMPORT course provides detailed information on the changes and the impact they will have on exporters and their agents.

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The Customs Declaration Service will replace the CHIEF system in 2020 and will affect all exporters, importers and agents. CDS is a major change to the way in which customs declarations are made, and this course provides detailed information on the changes.

Delegates will learn about the new declarations and the eight separate data element groups.

Each data element group will be explained in detail, together with illustrative examples of how the changes will affect traders and what the new CDS declarations will look like in trader software.

The course is fully updated to include all the changes and uses CDS Customs Entry Software screenshots to illustrate the changes in complete detail.

At the end of this training session, delegates will have a good understanding of the new system and what is required to make CDS customs declarations to HMRC.

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