CHIEF Data Entry – Exports (VL-CHIEFEXP) – Virtual Learning (12/05/21 10:00)

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This half-day interactive course takes an in-depth look at the preparation of UK export customs declarations on the HMRC CHIEF system. It provides key HMRC information for exporters and freight forwarders on complex area of CHIEF Data Entry. At the end of the course, delegates will fully understand the processes involved in creating an export customs declaration and transmitting it to the CHIEF system.

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Non-compliance in the world of customs declarations is a serious issue and can often lead to HMRC civil penalties being issued. Therefore, the accurate completion of customs declarations is a vitally important task if traders are to maintain a high level of customs compliance. It is essential that both the freight forwarder (the intermediary) and the exporting business are aware of the information required to correctly complete a customs declaration.
The course has been developed to provide a detailed understanding of how the CHIEF system works and how it validates our information before actually processing the declaration. We look at what happens to a declaration at the port or airport once it has been completed and what to do if the declaration has been completed incorrectly.
Evidence of export is vital for VAT zero rating at export. This course explains how CHIEF works with the ports and airports to provide “official” evidence of export to the declarant.
The course will provide delegates with a wealth of knowledge about the CHIEF system and how it interacts with the exporter, freight forwarder and the port or airport.
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