How to Price Goods for Overseas Markets (VL-PRI) – Virtual Learning (24/05/21 10:00)

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Pricing is a crucial issue in successful (and profitable) exporting. This course is designed for marketing/sales/export sales managers and will equip participants with skills to:
1. Accurately evaluate the costs relating to your products
2. Calculate the true costs of exporting your product to your customer
3. Use pricing as a key element of your marketing strategy to boost sales and profit.

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Pricing can make the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.
This course focuses on the strategic use of pricing in exporting, and provides participants with key skills to research competitors, determine the strategy for the market and how price should be used to achieve short term and long-term objectives.
The course also explains how to accurately calculate a product’s cost, and in particular the specific costs related to exporting, such as shipping, compliance, clearance, preparing goods for export and product modification.
The course material includes:
Understanding how to calculate the costs of physically exporting a product (including for example, essential product and packaging modifications)
Why “route to market” strategy is important in setting prices (for example when working with agents or distributors)
Overview of marketing strategy techniques
Examples of specific pricing strategies and circumstances in which they are effective.

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