Introduction to Excise Procedures (VL-EXCISE) – Virtual Learning (30/06/21 10:00)

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A one-day introduction to excise duties and procedures designed to offer a basic knowledge of the structure, holding and movement of excise duties on alcohols, tobacco and oils. Ideal for beginners or anyone wanting an understanding of this often misunderstood topic.

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This one day course gives an introduction to excise duties and procedures which apply both internationally and domestically on products such as alcohol, tobacco and hydrocarbon oils. It outlines the structural elements of excise duty including HM Revenue & Customs requirements for registration of production premises and duty suspended (“bonded”) warehouses, and the calculation and payment of excise duty. The course also covers the chargeable products for each of the three excise regimes; the relevant duty rates and their structure, the point in the product supply chain where the requirement to pay duty applies and the concept of duty reliefs and reduced rates of duty. The movement of excise products using the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) is also covered as is the W8 procedure for products not covered by EMCS. Britain leaving the EU could make shipping excise goods around the EU easier or harder – discover which as updates become available.

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