Introduction to UK, EU and US Export Licensing for Beginners (VL-BEGX) – Virtual Learning (17/05/21 10:00)

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This new course looks at the often-difficult subject of export licensing controls, sanctions and embargoes and how to comply with international export compliance regulations. It is an overview of UK, EU and USA export controls covering dual-use and military goods especial for beginners.

This Virtual Learning course is an excellent way to start you journey into understanding export licensing controls. Ideal as an overview or a refresher of this complicated world it looks at what makes something dual-use or military controlled and the requirements under the UK, EU and US Regulations. We review what could be controlled under the regulations and explain the role of UK, EU and US export licences, together with US exemptions and exceptions. This is an important session to ensure compliance, especially as UK’s is due to exit the EU Customs Union shortly which means dual-use goods and technology moved between the UK-EU come under licensing controls for the first time and also how this may impact companies with goods/ technology under US Export Licensing controls as well.

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This new full-day Virtual Learning session is not be confused with a webinar, it is interactive and engaging bringing a potentially complex topic to life. It looks at all the essential elements giving delegates an excellent springboard to look at business relevant areas in more detail. Key areas covered are the basis for the export licensing controls, the Wassenaar Arrangement and the setting up of the dual-use controls, the EU dual-use control list and the USA Export Administration Regulations and how these rules will be adopted in an independent UK. It also reviews military controls both Military List items and the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) with a jargon busting session so you can understand important terms and where further clarity is required. As well as looking at the similarities between the EU, USA and new UK controls it will review the differences. Our trainer’s relaxed style and use of easy-to-understand terminology helps the exporting newcomer to gain an invaluable foundation in the subject.

To enjoy the full benefits of this remotely delivered session, please ensure that you have an Internet enabled computer and telephone (for login purposes).

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