Lithium Batteries for Air (VL-LBA) – Virtual Learning (18/11/20 08:30)

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This course on the Carriage of Lithium Batteries, which takes place over three mornings, provides delegates with the skills and knowledge required to correctly handle and prepare shipments of lithium batteries for transport by air. We give delegates the confidence to transfer the knowledge of the IATA regulations into their work environment.

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This course compliments the IATA Dangerous Goods by Air training and supports the regulation changes regarding the carriage of Lithium Batteries in 2020. Designed to assist shippers and freight handling organisations in the correct transporting of these dangerous goods.

Lithium batteries are divided into two sections;

Lithium Content type – e.g., Lithium ion, Lithium metal

How they are going to be transported e.g., stand alone batteries, lithium batteries contained in or packed with equipment.

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