NCTS – The New Computerised Transit System (VL-NCTS) – Virtual Learning (11/05/21 10:00)

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A one-day introduction to the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) and the processes involved in moving goods under the Common transit Convention (CTC). This course is designed to provide an insight into how NCTS works and why it might be needed after Brexit.

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NCTS or the New Computerised Transit System has been in operation throughout the EU since 2003 (when it replaced the old paper Transit system). This one-day course takes the delegate through the Transit process and NCTS itself. It provides detailed information on how to both create a transit movement and to discharge one.
Exporters, importers, agents and carriers will need to use NCTS for a majority of EU27 movements when the Brexit Transition Period ends on 31 December 2020. It won’t just be a case of export and import entries. If you want to export to Germany, for example, you will need Transit and NCTS.
This course tackles the issues of Transit and NCTS. It provides the delegate with full knowledge of NCTS and transit in general.
A must for anyone involved in EU27 movements post-Brexit.

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