Trading with the EU: The Brexit Impact (INT) – De Vere Venues Cheadle House (07/09/20 09:00)

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Trading with EU Member States – currently, while the UK is a member of the EU, trading with other member states is relatively easy though there are still regulations relating to VAT and HMRC reporting. This seminar can help you understand specific requirements for EU Trade including how to be compliant with the Intrastat reports and EC Sales Lists and will take a forward look at the impact the Brexit referendum will have on UK companies trading in the EU.

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Fully revised to reflect current practices. Most companies buy and sell within the European Union and, though it is simpler than other areas of international trade, there are still customs procedures and regulations to which they must comply. Did you know that failure to submit your Intrastat declaration by its due date, or to submit one that is incomplete or inaccurate, is a criminal offence? On average, a dozen or more businesses are prosecuted before Magistrates every year, although most cases are resolved by the payment of an ‘out of court’ penalty. So, avoid penalty action by complying with the Intrastat system and ensure that your data is complete, and accurate, and is sent to us in plenty of time! This seminar can help you understand what is going on, be compliant, understand all changes and responsibilities and see how to make use of the information available from Customs to ease the burden of meeting your Intrastat obligations. This presentation has been created to look specifically at issues relating to the UK Trading within European Union both as one of the 28 member states and after exit. Intrastat, EC Sales List, VAT implications, Free Circulation of Goods as well as compliance and practical contract issues are addressed in interactive sessions. No previous knowledge of international trade is required.

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