Understanding Origin and Preference (VL-UOP) – Virtual Learning (17/06/21 10:00)

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This Virtual Learning course is an excellent way to learn about the complicated subjects of origin rules and how this differs for Free Trade Agreements. Whether buying (you save the money) or selling (giving the buyer a discount without YOU losing money!) – this clear presentation is a must. As trade with the EU will soon be under Free Trade Agreement terms, and the UK has independent trade deals this area must be clearly understood by companies.

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How can a company gain financial benefit from these agreements and do the preferential duty rates apply to the goods you are importing/ exporting? Join us on this interactive Virtual Classroom event to understand how they work and how you can take advantage of these Agreements. Fully updated with the new and current EU & UK FTA negotiations, eg USA, India, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, etc and the potential impact of the UK no longer being part of the EU and these agreements. It looks at the main elements of claiming preference at import and/ or issuing preference documents, applying for Approved Export Status (e.g. for S. Korea), when REX is applicable and issuing supplier declarations as exporters. Exercises during the day emphasise the rules and new regulations. Practical session allows delegates to review the rules for their own products by going on-line and use relevant guides. This is a great introduction and an essential guide to an important area of international trade.

To enjoy the full benefits of this remotely delivered session, please ensure that you have an Internet enabled computer and telephone (for login purposes).

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