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HMRC have promulgated some information after specific issues are being encountered by hauliers using transit for EU deliveries for the first time. There have been teething problems using the NCTS (the system for implementing Transit procedures) in the early stages following the end of the Transitional Period, some of them potentially IT systems driven, but others avoidable if the correct processes are followed by those using the system.

Help to address some reoccurring issues affecting the guarantees that support a transit movement are given below:


  1. Make sure you enter an accurate amount in the guarantee reference amount box for guarantee types 0, 1, 2, 4 and 9.

If this is not completed correctly the amount can default to 10,000 euros for each transit operation. This can quickly add up causing the transit guarantee limit to be exceeded very quickly preventing further transit movements.


  1. Remember to ensure your transit movement is closed once it has arrived at its destination.
    This must be done by the consignee or the Office of Destination in the jurisdiction the goods are being sent to.

If you notice your transit movements are not being closed, please contact the customer and advise of the need to update the NCTS system.  The guarantee attached to the movement will not be released until the movement is closed.


By on January 20th, 2021
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