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Strong & Herd LLP is a Manchester based business, founded in 1995 assisting businesses around the UK, EU, USA and globally on customs regulations and compliance.  We have built a strong reputation since 1995, based on skilled knowledge and practical experience. As well as running training courses (face-to-face, elearning and virtual classroom) we stay practical with our import/export shipping department and helpline and are proud to have developed strategic partnerships with many organisations and businesses both big and small.  Selected by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK as an official trainer for Incoterms 2020 Rules.

Our business support packages are suitable if you are selling or buying globally, have customs or export control issues to address or need temporary assistance with your existing international trade projects. Companies tap into S&H expert team of professional advisors for key projects or as a back-up to their existing customs and logistical staff. With the business support package S&H undertake to do work, run projects, write or check terms & conditions rather than just answer the questions. This support package can be used as a permanent solution or for a limited time to support businesses going through corrective action projects to increase compliance in key customs areas.

The support package can be reduced or increased as situations demand. We also provide education and training solutions to build up your own team skills.

Many of our OneCall clients were formerly on business support but now feel comfortable to handle most things themselves with S&H supporting them in the background.

LLP is covered by professional indemnity insurance, we are members of the Outsourcing Institute, we have specialists who are MoD security cleared and the company will be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to undertaking the contract if requested.

One Call Helpline

S&H LLP provide telephone and email assistance as and when required – a one-call solution for all your import, export and customs enquiries.

This service lets you call or email our office for professional non-biased advice.  Let us answer your questions immediately without you having to search the internet for hours.  We can guide you to the correct places for information, reinforce your understanding of procedures or support your own conclusions.  Whether you are part of a compliance team or the only person within the business who handles these issues, we are here to support you.

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Bespoke Solutions

Developed from the our Shipping Office Services, the Business Support Packages (BSP) allow you to outsource a particular activity to us as you continue with your normal business.  Whether that is seeking a new or renewing current customs authorisations such as Customs Warehousing, Inward Processing, Transit or Temporary Storage or addressing issues raised due to non-compliances or loss of key personal.  Our BSP solutions are unique to each client, generally run for 12 months and include staff upskilling and training so S&H can move into the background again once the project is finished.  Linked to our onecall helpline this is a cost-effective and efficient way to manage your export, import and customs requirements.

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Shipping Office Services

Let us become your outsourced shipping department or support your current team.  We can undertaking tasks such as: negotiating transport deals, instructing logistics companies, ensuring compliance with HMRC customs requirements at import and export, applying for and controlling customs duty relief procedures, apply for and remain compliant with the use of export licences appropriate to your business needs or the day-to-day handling of your international freight movements.  Linked to our training solutions this can be a temporary measure to upskill current or new staff or to take on new legislation requirements, for example when the UK leaves the Customs Union of the EU.


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Industry Sectors

Strong & Herd LLP are able to offer tailored Industry Sector customs training and advice from experienced practitioners in your area of international trade activities.  We are the FIRST™ in bespoke export training, import training and international trade consultancy – your FIRST™ choice

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