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 Strong & Herd LLP has practical and relevant training that aims to enhance the export and import performance and customs compliance levels of businesses. Look at our wide range of international trade training, export control and customs compliance topics on offer – all delivered by experienced, accredited, specialist tutors many qualified adult teachers. During Covid-19 lockdown keep safe and book our Virtual Learning session (full list here: Virtual Training courses 2020-2021) not just a webinar but interactive training sessions available both as public events and bespoke in-company sessions.  Also, check out our self-study elearning available on our online training platform. Discounts available tor S&H business support and New OneCall Flyer 2020 members.

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Business Support

Whether you are looking for technical helpline support or someone to run key projects, companies tap into S&H practical and expert knowledge in the areas of exporting, importing, customs procedures, Brexit planning and other logistic issues. The support package can be used as a permanent solution or for a limited time to support businesses going through corrective action projects to increase compliance in key customs areas. Currently around 300 companies (SMEs and blue-chip businesses) subscribe to the New OneCall Flyer 2020 service which offers a telephone and email helpline and information service.

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Strong & Herd LLP are widely respected consultants in all areas of international trade. Consultancy support from S&H is bespoke to your needs and we can undertake to run projects, train up staff, write or check terms & conditions rather than just answer the questions. Our team of technical experts ensures a practical approach to your consultancy needs. You can also consider outsourcing your international shipping operations to us if you are unable to run this in-house. Key areas covered are arranging customs entries work with freight companies, advice on contract terms, finding and growing export markets, export control compliance (both UK and USA), managing international payments and introducing customs special procedures and obtaining and maintaining the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.

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Strong and Herd.
Outsource your import & export

Strong & Herd LLP work to support and upskill businesses in the areas of export, import and customs procedures. As well as providing practical training we are an outsource helpline function to numerous companies who need support with customs compliance requirements and to import or export goods. This can be for technical, complex or staff related reasons.

We help produce key import and export guides and magazines as well as running a practical helpline with regular updates to clients. To achieve this we have access to numerous websites and first-hand updates from the regulators including HMRC.