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OneCall Helpline

OneCall, The business support helpline

What is “OneCall”?

A business support service created to assist importers and exporters. Includes the “Did You Know” email information service to help keep you up-to-date with current international trade and customs issues.

How will I benefit from OneCall?

Within the OneCall team are specialists on Customs Special Procedure, eg duty relief regimes (eg IP/OP), letters of credit, export documentation, import procedures, tariff classification, export licensing controls on military and dual-use goods, USA export controls, contract issues such as Incoterms… the list goes on. OneCall means you don’t have to waste time looking for answers to an import or export query – our team will know or quickly find out for you. If you get frustrated searching websites for relevant data when you could be doing something more productive – OneCall will help. Not only do you get an immediate response but the people manning the service are helpful and extremely knowledgeable – ideal for seeking a second opinion on a tricky or complicated problem. The OneCall team can guide you in the right direction or even do some of the work for you – they are there as a support to your business needs.

Why should I use Strong & Herd LLP?

S&H LLP have been providing training, consultancy and practical office solutions in importing exporting and customs procedures to a wide variety of UK/EU companies since 1995. A great advantage to using Strong & Herd LLP is that we still provide daily shipping office services to clients as well as working with HMRC in key customs areas – this serves to ensure advice is practical and relevant to today’s problems and needs. Let us help you keep compliant.

What do I get as an OneCall client?

Answers to your questions – all OneCall clients receive a dedicated telephone number and email address manned Monday to Friday 08.00-18.00. (Usage dependent on subscription level.)

  • A twice-monthly up-date sent by email highlighting key changes to procedures, general information plus reminders and tips for import/export companies – the “Did You Know?” service
  • Special offer on S&H public training only available to onecall members
  • A discount of £70.00 per delegate on all S&H LLP public training courses.
  • A discount on in-company training (Only available on OneCall Plus)
  • Turn helpline time into face-to-face discussions at the S&H offices or project work undertaken remotely. (Only available on OneCall Plus)
  • Access to our members’ area of the website for additional information such as: a glossary of trade terms, the diary of an International Trade Compliance Manager, tips on key topics such as Incoterms 2020, Archive of trade up-dates (DYK) and short presentations.

How do I subscribe?

It’s easy. There are three different OneCall Levels – choose the one that best suits your requirements. Don’t worry about selecting the wrong level – “top-up hours” are available and movement between the three levels is very easy; which means the amount of support you subscribe to can change with your business requirements,  please contact us.