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Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Strong & Herd LLP offer international trade training as a public or in-company solution.

Strong & Herd LLP offer international trade training as a public or in-company solution.  Public training courses relevant to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors include:

International trade training courses

Public Training Courses

In-company training courses

All the courses listed above can be tailored to fit the requirements of companies involved in pharmaceutical and chemical industries and extended to include the key international trade areas you need to know about.

We have trained experienced specialists in the area of pharmaceutical and drug movements including the difficulties involved in valuing clinical trial movements, research and development issues, tariff classification for placebos and experimental drugs.

We also have specialist in excise goods and the very particular skills and compliance issues related to trading in excise goods such as hydrocarbon oils.

On-line training courses and e-learning

Although we have a number of on-line international trade training courses for sale publically on our website our main area of on-line training is creating bespoke in-company training solutions which enables businesses to create their own e-learning training packages in bite-sized chunks – what we call SPOTLIGHTS – lasting between 1-2 hours per session.  These SPOTLIGHTS can cover standard topics (as listed above) but the main advantage of this type of training solution is that we can ensure SPOTLIGHTS are written (and kept up-to-date) specifically covering what your business needs.

We suggest considering 4 standards for training in international trade matters:

  • Bronze:            Awareness level training
  • Silver:               Intermediate level training
  • Gold:                Advance training
  • Platinum:        Advanced training and professional

Therefore, we are able to offer Distance Learning courses for all areas of international trade and customs compliance, some topics already exists other may have to be developed to make them in-company specific.  Distance Learning can be via our on-line training portal which can be used on an individual basis (cost of between £35.00 – £65.00 per person/ per session) or as a corporate designed package administered either by S&H or by you.  Alternatively we can organise bespoke interactive webinars, generally up to 2 hour long, to cover bite-sized chunks of information.  This can be supported, if required, by the use of our assessment programmes.