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Shipping Office Services

Shipping Office Services

Daily shipping office that acts as your own “shipping department”.

We have the experience to ensure your company remains compliant with the laws relating to international trade as well as helping you benefit from improved compliance and expertise aspects of Customs procedures. We do the paperwork.

Who benefits from S&H -SOS?

  • Clients are companies falling in one or more of the following categories:
  • Companies wishing to out-source the shipping office function
  • Companies who lack experience in international trade procedures and need independent assistance
  • Companies with a low level of export/import activity who cannot afford to take on permanent, skilled staff
  • Companies with a specific skill shortage, e.g. letters of credit, export licence regulations, IPR, etc., who require occasional assistance
  • Departments who have a temporary shortage of trained staff due to holidays, ill health or maternity leave

The help-line option: for busy export and import staff who can rely on getting practical advice when required from experienced, independent practitioners. It can be lonely out there! Clients can sign up with S&H on a short term or long-term basis (12 months) or just for a specific job. We are not freight forwarders so have no link with any freight company. We use the systems, forwarders, banks, procedures you have in place … unless you ask us to review them.