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AEO Full Support Service

AEO Full Support Service

An AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) is a business that is established in the UK
and involved in the international supply chain. It has proven itself to be compliant and trustworthy from a Customs and trading perspective.

A company awarded AEO status has achieved an internationally recognised quality mark, which effectively signals to trading partners, customers and potential customers that such a company is ‘safe’ to trade.

AEO is desirable for traders serious about competing for, and winning, new business.

AEO status is achieved by satisfying certain specific criteria. The auditor is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The audit process can cover one of either (or both) of the following subject areas:

  • Customs compliance
  • Safety and security

For companies with good existing procedures and practices in place, it may be only a modest leap to AEO status.

The time has never been better to consider and embrace AEO status. Any company competing for work, which involves the use of an international supply chain, is increasingly likely to be asked about its knowledge of AEO or whether it has, or is, working toward AEO status. In some instances, not being an AEO will eliminate a company from the competition.

Strong & Herd LLP can assist those companies wishing to become an AEO approved with both public and in-company training. We can offer a Business Support package to ensure that your AEO application is correctly completed and we can arrange a visit to your premises to undertake an audit of your systems and processes.

But that’s not all as far as AEO is concerned. Once you have actually achieved AEO status,
you must maintain it. Strong & Herd can help.

Following AEO approval, companies can utilise our OneCall Business Support Package (BSP) to ensure that they remain AEO compliant. This support package can include an annual revalidation audit if required.

Has your AEO status been suspended? Let us help you get it back!

Educational qualifications are available. Contact us for more information, or see more information in our Business Support Section. For your training requirements, please visit our Training section.

Note that we can deliver all of our training courses remotely. Please visit our Virtual Classroom for further information.