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Customs Compliance Healthchecks, Audit and Procedures

Customs Compliance Healthchecks, Audit and Procedures

We can help put Corrective Action Plans in place if you have been found wanting in a particular area of international trade compliance. BUT we would prefer to be called in BEFORE you are in trouble.

Strong & Herd LLP already works alongside HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the Department for International Trade (DIT) and various law firms, assisting businesses that have found themselves in breach of the regulations in one or more areas of international trade.

We know that breaches of the regulations happen for two main reasons:

  1. Lack of awareness of the laws and regulations
  2. The person who used to do the job has left the company

It only takes a little slip for a COMPLIANT company to become NON-COMPLIANT. We can help by undertaking pre-Customs or pre-DIT audits.

Strong & Herd LLP will visit your premises and make a thorough inspection of all international trade procedures and documentary records. We will provide you with a detailed report on your
current level of compliance and what steps you should take to ensure compliance with the
regulations. If required, we can work together with you and provide guidance on a Correction
Action Plan. We use approved procedure guidelines in all areas of customs and export control compliance which we can provide for guidance in creating your own quality procedures.

Strong & Herd is skilled in producing compliance plans. We can write quality procedures, based on
your current processes, to enhance your compliance. We can work alongside your project manager or we can provide you with our own project manager, who will ensure that those larger compliance projects keep to agreed timescales.

We usually work on twelve month agreements, with most of the key work done within the first three to four months of the agreement. The additional months are there so that our team here in Manchester can always be available in the background to assist with telephone and email helpline support. Then, towards the end of the project, we will undertake a final audit (a re-audit) to ensure things are working.

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