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Special Procedure Application

Special Procedure Application

Completing Customs application forms can be a daunting prospect, especially now that these Special Procedures fall under the Union Customs Code and require a Customs Comprehensive Guarantee. Having previously existed under Customs Procedures with Economic Impact (CPEI), these Special Procedures cover:

Processing – Inward Processing and Outward Processing

Storage – Customs Warehousing and Free Zones

Transit – Internal Transit and External Transit

Specific Use – End-Use and Temporary Admissions

Strong & Herd LLP fully understands how difficult it can be for organisations to apply for Special Procedures such as Customs Warehousing (CW), Inward Processing (IP) or even Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP). We know from experience that applications often fail at the first attempt, whether because a document is missing or a piece of vital information was omitted.

Strong & Herd has a proven track record in successfully applying for these Special Procedures. Our
technical exports can take you through the application process using our ready-made templates, designed for each specific application. We can guide you through the complexities of Customs Notice 3001, with its various annexes, and we can explain what documents you will need to provide to HMRC in order to obtain your authorisation.

For those of you that may find the whole process particularly daunting, a visit to your premises might be the way forward. But for those organisations that have already had some experience of the application process, a tailored package involving remote assistance may be a more suitable option.

Whichever option you choose, our exports will ensure that your application is 100% correct before it is despatched to HMRC and we will ensure that HMRC deals with it in a timely manner.

For information, here are the applications forms that apply:

End Use Form SP1
Customs Warehousing Form SP2
Inward Processing Form SP3
Outward Processing Form SP4
Temporary Admission Form SP5
CFSP Form C&E48

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