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More companies than ever are considering setting up a customs warehouse as vital to an efficient supply chain. This practical session is specially designed for companies looking to operate a Customs Warehouse facility or improve administration and operational requirements. A must for some businesses to continue to trade effectively from 1 January 2021 when the UK leaves the Single Market of the EU.

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Full day 10.00-15.30: next available dates are


  • DEFINITION: What is a Customs Warehouse and how can it benefit you?
  •  THE UNION CUSTOMS CODE: Legislation changes as they affect Customs Warehousing and other duty reliefs including application criteria, duty guarantees and waivers.
    CUSTOMS COMPREHENSIVE GUARANTEE (CCG): Working out your level of guarantee (reference amount) and the application process. Does being an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) help?
  • WHAT ARE SPECIAL PROCEDURES: Also known as Duty Relief Procedures; a review of how these Special Procedures can help save you money by reducing or removing duty costs and how they can work with a Customs Warehouse Authorisation – IP , OP, END-USE, TEMPORARY ADMISSION
  • BUSINESS CASE: Evidencing that the warehouse or other Special Procedure will positively impact your company. Cash flow and improved supply chain information.
  • WAREHOUSE STORAGE TYPES & ALLOWABLE OPERATIONS: PUBLIC OR PRIVATEDo I want to just hold/clear my own goods or other peoples?  Different options for running a warehouse ~ Common and Co storage. What handling activities are permitted in the warehouse?
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Who is responsible for what (agent, importer, end user, other)
  • AUTHORISATION: What you need to contract with HMRC
  • AUDITS: How to act on a daily basis to be prepared for HMRC audits, what audits should I perform myself? When and how often are they?
  • RECORD KEEPING: What information / documentation you should keep.
  • PHYSICAL FLOWS: Security measures, handling options, incomings and outgoings recorded
  • THE APPLICATION: The contract with HMRC, how to word in your favour
  • IMPORT/EXPORT SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURES: CFSP, NES, EIDR and how they can be used with Customs Warehousing
  • CONCLUSIONS: Benefits, administration costs, software requirements and where to find further information

The course is fully updated to include all relevant customs procedures changes.  Seminars include exercises and bullet point quizzes.  Each delegate will receive a full, bound set of course notes, including a detailed glossary of terms.  This course includes a learning check assessment and workshop sessions to give the delegates practical guidance


OneCall Members £170.00 + VAT —–  Non-Members £240.00 + VAT


By on August 29th, 2020
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