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Anyone who has ever found themselves in the Red Channel upon return from a business trip abroad will know how searching some of the questions can be......

Well it’s the same for unaccompanied freight!  All goods have to be Presented to Customs, and this is achieved by means of a Customs Entry or declaration.

In the Customs Entry, just as in the Red Channel, HMRC wants to know: the overseas supplier and UK importer? being imported? it coming from? it being imported? it being imported - by air, by sea or road?
HOW it worth.? What is its value?
IS IT LEGAL?Can it come in? Does it need a licence?
IS IT PACKED?What is it packed in and how heavy is it?


This is where How to Complete Import Customs Entries is invaluable. Whether you are a Customs Broker wanting to sharpening up your skills, or whether you are an importer who wants to further understand the actual declaration process, this course is must for you.

Our course trainers have worked in HM Revenue & Customs. They have a comprehensive understanding of import Customs Entries and they bring a unique perspective to the declaration process.

In this course, we look at both the declaration process itself and the related activity that takes place at the ports and airports.

This is an in-depth course but it is open to all levels of experience, from beginner to seasoned professional. You will all benefit from this course.

The course has been created using standard Customs entry software which is widely available in the UK. Each individual box on the import declaration is discussed at length and we take you through two import entry examples.

We don’t just show you what to put in the boxes, we tell you WHY!

But we don’t just leave it at the declaration stage. We put the Customs declaration into context. We look at what happens to the declarations and the goods it covers as they progress through the ports and airports.

You will be surprised to learn that the frontier process is a completely automated system which does not rely upon a Customs presence. In fact, there are no Customs Officers at ports and airports.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to decide for yourself if Customs declarations
are for you. Whatever you decide, you will come away from this learning experience with a vast knowledge of the Customs declaration process and indeed the Customs Tariff.

Courses run throughout the year as face-to-face (Manchester and London) and remote through our Virtual learning Platform (VL).

All courses are listed on our website.

By on June 7th, 2020
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We don’t just show you what to put in the boxes, we tell you WHY!

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