Customs Declaration Training

Excluding Vat

5 Hour Digital Course

This training has been developed in collaboration with leading industry experts and HMRC have been involved in approving the content. A secure online portal gives access to bite-sized modules from any device.

The 11 modules cover: Introduction to trade, Business Responsibilities, a review of the export and import process regarding customs declarations, a brief overview of valuation and use of commodity codes and customs procedure codes.


    It also introduces complex areas such as export and import licensing controls, use of duty relief schemes, rules of origin and customs simplified procedures. Students will be asked to complete a final Assessment Module, 12 questions with a pass mark of 80% to show that the learning has been understood.

    You do not have to start on a particular date, and you have 6 months to complete the training, so it is convenient to the learner.

    Customs Declaration Training Agenda


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