How to Build Overseas Sales (VL-SAL) – Virtual Learning (29/06/21 10:00)

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Entering new markets is a proven way to grow your business, especially when it’s approached strategically. This one-day course will help to break new markets profitably, by learning how to identify critical success factors, collect and evaluate reliable research information, make accurate comparisons and set priorities. The knowledge and skills will enable you to recognise the markets that are right for you.

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Entering new markets is one of the most effective ways of growing a business, especially when it’s approached strategically.
Businesses that are new to exporting as well as seasoned exporters who are seeking growth through entering new markets will benefit from the skills and understanding that this seminar brings.
Identifying key strengths and weaknesses in the business and products/services.
Using the above self-knowledge to identify key success factors in potential markets.
Desk research techniques and how to evaluate, compare and prioritise opportunities.
Knowledge of the most valuable sources of information.
Producing an export development plan.
Real world case studies.
This course will enable you to produce reliable market analysis that supports effective decision making, quickly identify unsuitable markets (“not now” markets), Identify essential barriers and success factors in priority markets, produce robust market plans and build profitable export business by focusing resources on achievable targets.

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