Temporary Imports and Exports Explained (VL-TIE) – Virtual Learning (24/06/21 10:00)

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This Virtual Learning course concentrates on the movement of goods for temporary purposes whether that is for demonstration, exhibition, as samples, or test, on loan or as a repair or replacement. Regardless of whether your company has sales teams or engineering staff that like to hand carry goods or temporary or use unaccompanied freight the UK leaving the EU Customs Union in December 2020 means every movement will require some sort of customs declarations. It also reviews customs and commercial processes such as the ATA Carnet examining the benefits and control requirements and the movement of reusable packaging.

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New to S&H list of training courses this one-day Virtual Learning session, looks at a confusing area of international movements. What value do you use when there isn’t a sale? How to you cover the 4 different customs declarations needed – that’s at export, import, re-export and re-import – when goods move temporarily overseas, or you receive goods into the UK on a temporary arrangement. Interactive and engaging this session is suitable for people new to international trade even though it addresses potentially complicated areas. Essential learning for companies used to moving goods around the 27 Member States of the EU without let or hindrance once goods are in free circulation. Every export is someone’s import whether it’s a temporary or permanent movement, so learn about the challenges and the customs procedures available to help your business continue to operate effectively. Our trainer’s relaxed style and use of easy-to-understand terminology helps the importing newcomer to gain an invaluable foundation in the subject.

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