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Strong & Herd LLP articles on key international trade topics is a quick way to get an expert view of matters relating to export, import and customs procedures and international trade issues. Written by S&H LLP partners or associates, these articles provide additional information and work in association with our blogs – import/export matters; EU customs updates; Incoterms 2010 – and News section of the website. In addition, S&HLLP members also have access to the “Did You Know?” up-date snippets (refreshed twice a month) posted in the members’ only area where some of these details published in these articles started. To become a member you just need to join our helpline and support service ONECALL

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Regional Integration in Africa: The Opportunities

Around five years ago the author delivered a series of workshops in each of the major Regional Economic Communities in Africa – the East Africa Community (EAC) , the Common ...
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Brexit: Supply Chain Awareness

It is vitally important business understand their supply chain today because, whatever the outcomes of negotiations, there will be changes to navigate including some opportunities for optimising the ways you ...
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The Concept of Globally Networked Customs

The concept of information sharing does not always sit comfortably between sovereign nations. Possibly the strangest element of the ‘5 Eyes’, the five nations with an agreement to share intelligence ...
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